Sunglasses can enhance your best facial features.

To unlock this potential, our female team of experts here at SPY have created this women’s sunglass fit guide to help you find the most flattering sunglasses frames for your face shape. Use this women’s sunglasses fit guide before you buy a present (make sure you stare down your friends or a photo) to determine their face shapes and figure out what stylish shades you’re going to gift. If you want to drop a not-so-subtle hint at your wish list, then share this fit guide. If you find a different pair, wear what you enjoy because the best thing to highlight your face shape will always be a smile! 

Face Shapes

There are 6 main face shapes. The shape of your face is determined by width-to-length ratio, whether features are rounded or structured, chin shape, and relative measurements.

Oval female_fit_guide_face_shape_oval


  • Forehead is only slightly wider than chin
  • Chin is curved
  • Sides of your face have softened features
  • Face is longer than it is wide
  • Need sunglasses that follow the curve of the upper cheekbone to emphasize natural features.



  • High cheekbones
  • Pointed chin
  • Narrow hairline
  • Need sunglasses with gentle curves that draw attention to your high cheekbones. See below.




  • Width and Length of your face is nearly the same
  • Jawline is slightly at an angle, with a small curve
  • Sides of your face is structure
  • Need sunglasses to lengthen face and enhances curves in cheekbones. See below.




  • Width and length of your face are nearly the same
  • Your face has soft curves and angles
  • Sides of your face go slightly outward
  • Need sunglasses that lengthen your face and add a contrast to round features. See below.




  • Your face is longer than it is wide
  • Similar to square, the sides of your face are structured
  • Jawline is slightly at an angle, with a small curve
  • Need sunglasses that add more with to your face and balance the shade by adding dimensions to softer features. See below.




  • Face is wide at the temples
  • Narrower, pointed chin
  • Need sunglasses to help round out the sloped temples. See below.

Sunglasses styles for your face shape.



Oval faces are pretty lucky, because almost every frame looks good on their face! Best practice is to find sunglasses that follow the curve of their upper cheek bone to enhance the curves in their face. What this means is they typically should not wear over-sized frames. One style that looks great on oval faces is an aviator style, like our Whistler sunglass available in 7 different colorways, from a bright green-spectra all the way to a rose gold. Another style that looks great is the unique Wingate sunglasses, for the more fashionable personality. The Hayes sunglasses are a great go-to frame for an oval face, guaranteed to look good on anyone from a female to a male, and all the way down to your dog.



With a face typically characterized by high cheek bones, Diamond Faces typically looks good in frames with rounded edges. Oval frames should be the go-to, but be careful to not get too over-sized where it covers your defining features. The Alcatraz sunglasses featured on the left side of the image, is a perfect frame for a diamond face. For a club-master style, go for the Bellows sunglasses. If you like over-sized (but not too over-sized) the butterfly style Fiona sunglasses are the look for you.



Square faces typically have about the same width and length with good structure. Since the face is so structured, it is nice to balance it out with round sunglasses.  The round frame shape will enhance the curves of the cheekbones and add organic dimension. The Pismo, our latest handmade frame is available in our newest colorways including a rad green and garnet red and features a light, thin and comfortable frame. The Deco sunglass mixes materials and designs to bring an inspired industrial look to life. A handmade acetate and monel alloy frame that’s thick from the sides while maintaining thin lines from the front creates a look that’s part steampunk, part high fashion, and all you. For a everyday sunglass that you can take hiking or wear to brunch, the Cameo sunglasses are your look.



A round face is characterized by having soft curves and angles and a width and length that is nearly the same. The best type of sunglass frames for a round face shape should add a contrast to the face to emphasize the angles. The Helm is a modern-retro classic sunglass frame with defined lines perfect for a round face. For the aviator look, the Whistler sunglass is timeless and will never go out of style. Apart of our new handmade collection, the Loma sunglass is a new-take on the classic club master style and the update to our old frame the Bleecker.



Rectangle faces are structured and longer than they are wide. These are the perfect faces for an over-sized sunglass! Sunglasses with edges compliment the characteristics of this face shape perfectly the Emerson sunglasses are a perfect example of a frame made for a rectangle face shape. With a subtle, yet bold design and strong metal details, the Emerson makes a statement by not being overstated. The Allure sunglasses are great for the sporty yet still fashionable girl with rubber nose pads that prevent the sunglass from slipping when you’re sweating. Similar to an over-sized Wayfarer sunglass style, the Discord sunglasses are a SPY signature style and available in almost every colorway.



A Heart Shaped face has the widest temples and the narrowest chin. The rule of thumb for a Heart Shaped face is to never have sunglasses with a straight line along the top. For an over-sized butterfly look, we suggest the SPY staple frame, the  Farrah sunglasses. With thin and unique metal detailing you are guaranteed to stand-out in the Marina sunglasses. They are the perfect compliment to a dress or the missing accessory to take your look to the next level.  Lastly, one of the latest sunglasses of our handmade collection, the Cliffside sunglasses are an everyday look with an elevated sense of fashion. You can literally wear these to ANYTHING. Make sure you check out the thin unique metal and acetate temples on this sunglass!

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