Everyday should be International Day of Happiness.

Happiness is one of the few things we all have in common. Even if just for a instance, like a quick smile to a stranger or a high-five from a friend, it really is contagious. When someone goes out of their way to make you happy, it becomes a ripple effect. This is something we experienced first hand yesterday. As a brand that is constantly promoting happiness through our Happy Lens technology, we saw International Day of Happiness as an exciting opportunity to go out there and make as many people as we possibly could happy!


We couldn’t have done it alone!

What started as a simple idea, turned into a day full adventure of catching as many smiles as we possibly could. We recruited over 15 of our athletes and ambassadors and sent them all on a mission. The mission: spread happiness by surprising  a unsuspecting person with a pair of sunglasses or goggles (and secretly recording the whole thing). From a gas attendant at a local gas station to a favorite barista, it went even better than we could have imagined. Watch the video above for the full recap.

  • Athletes involved: Jeremy McGrath, Ahmet Dadali, Axell Hodges, Helen Schettini, Alex Gray, Lindsay Perry, Wiley Miller, Chris Rasman, Eric Jackson, Phil Casabon and Bob Soven.
  • Ambassadors Involved: Josh Wray, Mirae Campbell and Brayden Hall.
  • Edited by: Cinebody



We took to all our different social media outlets to help spread our message. We did things as simple as paying it forward at the coffee shop, giving away free sunglasses and free food and even as simple as just smiling and giving high-fives as we were walking across the street. Not only were we making the people we were encountering happy, but also the people all over the world watching it. We received tons of awesome messages from different people telling us how it inspired them to get out and get happy. In case you missed our Instagram Story, see the recap below.

What is the Happy Lens?

It’s simple: let in the good blue that makes you feel better, block out the short-wave blue light (and UV rays) that don’t. For all the details click here to visit our blog post dedicated to explaining this lens with benefits.

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