“Whereas some people are work horses, I’m a pleasure horse.”

Professional Snowboarder and Whistler local Helen Schettini has continued to turn heads throughout 2016 with the release of her part in the film Full MoonIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with Helen Schettini you’d be entertained for hours with all the stores she has from her various adventures and travels around the globe from Japan, to Whistler, to Leucadia. One word that comes to mind when thinking of Helen is well-rounded. She has this elegant but bad ass way about her. She can charge hard while still making it look effortless.

Winters in Whistler, Canada. Summers in Encinitas, CA.

Whistler being the mecca of backcountry riding and powder, Helen quickly realized she preferred free riding over contests. Over the years Helen has continued to chase what she loves. She decided to head to California for summers to enjoy a change of scenery, some warm weather and to start taking on surfing.

Helen’s Favorites

Sunglasses: The Whistler.

Snow goggles: The Platoon. 



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