Not a painter, not a singer, he’s a swerve skier.

Ever heard of a swerve skier? Us either…until now.

SPY’s Magnus Graner takes his ever-abundant creativity with him wherever he goes.
During his trip to Kirovsk, Russia, Magnus shares some of the lessons learned over the course of his international travels with abstract storytelling and sound effects.

Overall good energy is constantly spewing out of this ski man Magnus Graner. This guy is constantly laughing and making fun out of everything and anything he’s doing. We must admit, the way he explains stuff is epic. Highlight quotes:

  1. “Im not a painter, I’m not a skier, I’m a swerve skier…and I’m a ski man.”
  2. “Traveling man…knowledge of life through traveling, through snow…yup.”
  3.  We’d try to quote how he explains the swerve…but you’ll need to watch the video for that one.
  4.  “Fuel your creativity, keep it…flowing.”
  5.  “Always put those thoughts out into the energy field, like…beep beep beep beep, just send it out, the vibrations, and it’s going to work.”

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