“A crazy 4-day shred sprint”

SPY NW crew: Justin Norman, JD Dennis, Will Dennis, Willis Grigsby, Mikey Swearingen, Phil Hansen and Petey Pierotti along with shredder and filmer Keaton Rodgers and photographer Shaun Daley. This group of rippers headed out on a road trip for some spring shred. Recap below written by Tim Lawler.

1st stop: The Summit at Snoqualmie


We got the NW crew together and rented a mega van and headed up to the Summit at Snoqualmie to the stomping grounds of two of the crew members, Mikey Swearingen and Phil Hansen, to show us around their home territory. In typical Washington style, it was pouring rain and we spent the day shredding around in it having a blast.

Hammers going down left and right, glove and gear dripping wet.

Huge shout out to Joe Pope and the crew at  Snoqualmie for always having one of the most fun parks out there. After destroying that park for yours, the crew loaded up and grubbed some greasy pizza and headed East.

Next stop: Mission Ridge Wenatchee


At last, sunshine! Petey Pierotti’s turn to show the crew around his home resort. The home of the Bomber Bowl Park and the Lip Tech 100 laps park, the crew was lucky enough to a private session on both.  It was mental, hammers left and right. JD, Mikey, Jnorm & Phil stood out extra at this stop. Huge shout out to Erik Baker and the Mission Ridge staff for being one of the friendliest teams around. We stuffed the crew back into the van and headed to Costco to load up on nothing but the classiest…$1.50 hot dogs and massive Pizza Pies. The crew stuffed as much carbs into their bodies as possible and got hyped up for the next stop.

3rd stop: Mt. Hood


We spent the night in Mt.Hood and were up shredding the next day at sunny Timberline. Top to bottom hits, nonstop smiles, nonstop bangers. EVERYONE kept destroying it. Will and JD Dennis met up with us and we got to watch the Dennis brothers in action. Nobody pushes each other harder than these two brothers, continually going bigger and sending it farther. Big thanks to Ricky Hower at Timeberline and the “Joey Cabin,” TLine’s park is never anything less than amazing.

Final stop: Mt. Bachelor.


All good things must come to an end. We decided to pack the van up one last time and head to Mt.Bachelor. Home to J Norm, the Dennis Bros, Logy B & Willis. The guys were itching to show us around their home turf. The Bachelor boys threw down and showed off their signature huge gap to taps. One thing that stands out about these guys at Bachelor is the ability to generate speed out of nothing and just send it! Amazing riding and sunny weather followed by parking lot BBQ and brews. Perfect way to end an epic trip.