It’s finally here! Phil, the king of the freeskiing underground, who has been with SPY for going on 3 seasons now, has rightfully earned his first signature SPY goggle.

Phil’s signature Ace snow goggle


Born and raised in Quebec, Phil grew up in the heart of the emergence of Freeskiing. Since the age of 2, Phil, a.k.a B-dog, has been no stranger to the mountain. His style is calculated, yet free-flowing dubbing him one of the most creative and well-respected skiers on the scene. Setting the internet on fire in his latest 2 year project BE Inspired  B-dog continues to impress us by taking a unique approach to skiing.


Heavily influenced by his love for the snow, music and underground culture, we thought Phil was a perfect fit for the next signature goggle. When we asked Phil was he wanted his strap to look like, he responded:

“Chess on acid”

Yeah, chess on acid. What’s that mean? We had to ask him the same question. Well if you look closely at his strap, he has the different chess pieces, including a bishop that is his personal dog paw branding, and the pawn that has the Inspired Media Concepts globe logo at the top of it. He went with the Ace frame because he liked how it fit, being stylish but not flashy and it comes with two lenses.


Phil shows no signs of slowing down and we are cool with it! You’ll also find him on our Squash the Beef demo tour with SPY this season.

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