“SPY really went big and ran with the idea for this project. It was cool to see these kids ripping around the school where dirt bikes are really out of place. Where most moto kids are home schooled these days, I actually went to high school and Jersey Series definitely brought back my glory days.”

– Jeremy McGrath

Inspiration behind the Jersey Series:

SPY started out in moto. It is our roots, our heritage. We were the first goggle company to introduce bright colorways and straps to a industry that was very black and white at the time. Now, in a crowd of neon straps, we thought it was time to switch things up again. The basic concept behind the goggle straps design was the look of a varsity Letterman jacket. The strap uses simple but bold color accents and thick stitching for the SPY logo.

Right to left: Jersey Red Omen MX, Jersey Green Woot Race, Jersey Yellow Klutch MX, Jersey Orange Cadet MX.

The Letterman jacket designs started sparking new ideas into our heads and the concept behind the entire collection kept growing from there. We had this idea of a SPY Moto High. This was a fun concept from the beginning, something that we were all excited about from the initial brainstorms. We wanted to do something fun that wasn’t the typical moto video. We really ran with the whole high school varsity idea and decided we needed to sell it by shooting on location at a local high school. We weren’t sure if anyone would even let us ride dirt bikes at a school, let alone film a video. So after getting approval we went full stream ahead on finalizing the concept.

We wanted it to be 3 things:

  1. True to SPY
  2. Bad ass
  3. Unusual

So we created the Braaapcats. A school where Jeremy McGrath and Cole Seely once ruled the campus. Current varsity moto squad, consisting of team captain Axell Hodges alongside Connor Mullennix, Derek Drake, Talon Hawkins, Kaed Kniffing, Hunter Yoder are continuing the high school tradition of stealing McGrath’s varsity Letterman jacket. Now the high school security guard, McGrath seeks out Axell to get his jacket back and a epic chase through campus ensues.

You can watch the full Jersey Series video by clicking here.

Experience virtual reality.

Interact with a 360 view of Axell Hodges and team during the video shoot of the Jersey Series in virtual reality. Click and hold down on your mouse in the video below, move left, right, up and down to see the video in all angles. Available to watch on YouTube in 360,  on Facebook, or download the app Littlestar.


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Behind the scenes photo gallery:





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