Happy 24th Birthday John John Florence!

In his 24 years of life John John Florence has grown from SPY’s little grom phenom to a surfing leader. At 13 years old, we remember watching him make history as the youngest ever to compete in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. At 19 he would make history again, becoming the youngest ever Triple Crown winner. Nowadays he’s still the same old John John, just a bit taller with a few extra wins under his belt, like recently taking home “The Eddie” at the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational.

In honor of John John’s birthday here are some things you may, or may not know about this North Shore local:

John John has been surfing for SPY for over a decade.

John John Florence and family for SPY in 2008.

One of John John’s favorite pastimes is sailing.

That was his inspiration behind naming his sunglass featured below, the Atlas

John John Florence enjoying a day off.


Sorry ladies, John John is off the market.

Every surf god needs a goddess by his side. John John’s partner in crime is 21-year-old Australian bombshell, Lauryn Cribb.

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John Alexander got the nickname John John from his mom after the American president John F. Kennedy son. The one who bravely saluted his Dad’s coffin in front of millions of Americans.

John John getting barreled in 2010.

John John is the oldest of 3 boys. All pro surfers and best friends, each balancing each other out by adding their own unique elements to surfing and skating.

Ivan, Nathan and John John Florence for SPY back in 2009.

Cheers to 24 & many more!



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