Summer isn’t over until we say it is!

All summer ’16 I asked you to show me how you #seehappysummer. Outside, inside, grandmas backyard, Pemberton Fest, Iceland, anywhere and everywhere! Say what you want about social media, but it is rad that we can see how other people live and find/check out things and places we may have never come across on our own. Yes we have to weed through hundreds of fame hungry Instagram models to get there, but awesome content does exist. As the social media manager here, I decided to see if anyone who followed us already was out there doing cool stuff that I could sit at my desk and dream about. Turns out, there is a ton of you! Some of the highlights are featured below.


Kodyak Tisch celebrating America in an….American cardigan? Not sure what you would call that…but it’s epic.

@tinopaccione showing his patriotism in all the right ways #seehappy #seehappysummer

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Kodyak Tish (@kodyak_eyeland) in the black Angler with Happy Lens.

Summers in British Columbia. I’m typically a warm weather girl, but with a view like that…I think I could probably  get over it.

Genene Muir (@genenemuir) in the Whistler with Happy Lens.

Daniel is seriously a bad a$$. This guys Instagram literally blows my mind. From adaptive skiing, getting barreled, to rafting down waterfalls, he jumps from adventure to adventure faster than I can tie my shoe.

Daniel (@dcwriley) is wearing the polarized Frazier with Happy Lens.

Okay this girl Shannon is what I wish I was like. Adorable family with a adorable dog, adventurous and great legs. One day I’ll get there…summer body 2020.

Shannon (@rambleonwild) is wearing the Screw Over. 

Jesse, oh Jesse. He’s from New Zealand (great accent) and spends his time jumping out of planes, driving around New Zealand in motorcycles or vintage cars and participating in every action sport known to man.

The list goes on. Seriously…I could put 100’s of photos up. I’m greedy though and want to see more. If you want to get featured in SPY social, hashtag #SEEHAPPY in your posts and tag @spyoptic so I can find you! Pro tip: if you want to get seen, please make sure you’re profile isn’t set to private.