Blue. It was all our favorite color at some point. The color of the ocean and the sky, it’s a naturally deep hue that can turn your emotions every which way. We call it the most important color of the outdoors, and ironically it’s the sun that can produce the most powerful effect of blue. Long-wave and short-wave blue light play an insanely crucial part to your health, and can influence your mood in noticeable ways. Long-wave blue light is good for you, short-wave blue light is not, and it’s our SPY Happy Lens that’s at the forefront of this awesome science. It’s simple: let in the good blue that makes you feel better, block out the short-wave blue light (and UV rays) that don’t. But how exactly does blue light make you feel better? Let’s break it down:

It all began with Seasonal Affective Disorder

For those who live in regions with little sunlight during winter, this is common vocabulary. Here in sunny SoCal at SPY, it’s a lesser concern. “We know rates of SAD vary by latitude, so they’re much lower in Florida than in Alaska,” according to doctor and UCLA professor Alex Korb. So how does the “blue” component play a role? It’s been studied that at exactly 470 nm, exposure to blue wavelengths can improve mood through light therapy, but more intriguingly, it can stimulate mood through a very uniquely constructed pair of sunglasses.

But how?

SPY is all about irreverent disruption, and over 5 years ago, we were on a serious hunt to deliver something new to the marketplace. Something the market had never seen, that could make the sunglass user not just see better, but feel better. Something no other optical brand was doing, and with awareness of Seasonal Affective Disorder in mind, the choice was clear: develop a lens that could benefit the user from the blue light of the sun.

So the Happy Lens was created.

Developing just the right transmission curve to maximize long-wave blue light, the Happy Lens was born, and SPY has never looked back. Based on science, the Happy Lens enhances your serotonin levels and improves your circadian rhythm. It’s not just a lens, it’s a therapeutic lens, and the only one of its kind. It comes standard in every sunglass frame we make, as well as in snow goggles and a number of MX goggles. The lens not only revamps your mood, it also has superior color and contrast enhancement.

Happy Lens in SNOW: 

SPY + Discrete Bravo (on left) available here. Chris Rasman in the Raider available here.


Happy Lens in sunglasses (available in prescription):

The Montana and the Rover available here.


Happy Lens in MX:

SPY + Jeremy McGrath AceMX available here.




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